Pakku’s Edge – My first MiniLD #67 Entry

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May 31st, 2016 1:54 am

As the title indicates, I planed this as a mixture of Pacman (Pakkuman) and Mirror’s Edge. But as soon as I realized that I wouldn’t have enough time to create a cool level with platforming action, add a custom navmesh and an appropriate AI, I scaled down the project to basically a 3D Pacman clone.

But on the positive side I was able to pickup quite fast how unity3d works and even complete a playable result.  While testing it I realized that the perspective change made quite some difference on how you play the game (as later was also confirmed in a comment by CyberStarLight). You aren’t only controlling a character on the screen, instead you are in the game and beeing hunted (by some ghosts based on unity primitives). By this small change you already feel a lot more pressure…
Pakku's Edge

Now the only things which remind me that this started with having a plattforming component is the “ghost house” which is a skyscraper in the middle of the map.

But most importantly: I have finished a playable game within the short timelimit and I’m proud of it and have learned quite a lot about unity.

If you want to check out my small Pacman clone, you can find it here.
Don’t be shy to comment, there is something to be learned from everything, even if you hate the game. 😀

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