MiniLD #67

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May 19th, 2016 10:58 pm



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Classic Mash Remix

The theme for miniLD#67 is mashing and remixing classic games.
I have picked five classic, genre-defining games for the occasion. Each game has clear enough mechanics for basic game development. They also have enough depth to be vastly expanded. Pick one and remix. Pick two or more and mash.

Starts: May 23rd
Ends: May 29th 23:59 gmt+1


Use any tools at your disposal.

Assets (art, music, sfx)?
Use any assets at your disposal without infringing copyrights.

Use any code, lib and engine at your disposal.

Use time.

The games.















46 Responses to “MiniLD #67”

  1. Breno M. says:

    I’m in! :)
    Great theme.

  2. calzep says:

    I’m in!

  3. MSiddeek says:

    Are those games just examples of classic games. Or is the theme around those particular games?

    I know LD is not strict about theme, but I like to have scope.

  4. TCD says:

    Finally, im in.

  5. pixzleone says:

    ⓘⓜ ⓘⓝ

  6. calzep says:

    Wish you added Pong, Space Invaders, and Balloon Fight but these will do xP

    • bitslap says:

      You can bend the rules a bit. After all the theme is Classic Remix Mashup. If you feel you want to rework the wonder that is Balloon Fight, feel free to do so. Or mash it with one of the mentioned examples.

  7. Rafos Games says:

    I’m in to! :)

    If someone uses construct 2, you may be interested in this small engine of asteroids

  8. Sparked99 says:

    Man, wish I would have waited a week to make the game I made last week. It would have totally worked for this Jam as a asteroids remix.

  9. Bownly says:

    Haha. Some dude made a Snake + Sokoban game for Mini LD 63 back in November. Funny that his entry would work just as well–if not better–with this theme.

  10. Herobrine says:

    I’m in 😀 ! First time for Ludum Dare, hoping i will be able to create something playable and enjoyable 😛

  11. Arowx says:

    Can I work on it now and submit before the 23rd, if I complete it by then??

  12. CoderJoe says:

    Im in! This will be my first miniLD. Is there any differences from a normal LD? Any different rules or anything?

  13. LiquidAsh says:

    I’M IN. I may be a bit rusty, but am looking forward to participating in this. The theme reminds me of this old TIGSource thread:

  14. woodenrabbit says:

    I’m in 😀

    I dig the theme

  15. _MrTofu says:

    Im in 😀

    This will be my first time participating in LD, or MiniLD,
    ive always tried to make games but never have had the motivation to finish them.
    I hope this will give me motivation.

    I hope that I have fun! 😀

    (Also it starts on the 23 right?)

  16. 8BitPimp says:

    I’m in for sure!

  17. varuns says:

    I’m in. Hoping to spin off Sokoban 😀

  18. Emerysfire says:

    I’m in, I wish Galaga was an option :( oh well…Pacman and Snake mashup!

  19. toastedgames says:

    Totally in guys! I’ll be streaming the event at if you want to watch! :)

    Tools we’ll be using:
    Gamemaker Studio

  20. ziga-miklic says:

    I’m also in :) 1st time participation in minLD. Will remix snake :)

  21. jcmonkey says:

    ok this will give me a chance to try out a new game engine, im getting sick of unity already. im going to mash up pacman and sokoban. 😀

  22. McMutton says:

    I’m in!
    Have a great idea and wanted to join an LD already earlier, so a MiniLD seems like a good prep for the next LD.
    Going to make a Pacman Remix…

  23. quimbygames says:

    I’m in and excited! I’ve started work on a remix of asteroids using actual orbital mechanics. Check out progress here:

  24. C# says:

    It’s been awhile since my last game jam, and this seems really fun!

    I’m in! Time to break breakout!

  25. SpareWizard says:

    I’m in! I’m going to try Breakout/Snake. Snakeout, if you will.

  26. petitpois says:

    I missed the ludum dare 35 so I will do the mini LD – attempting to use asteroids and snake mashup

  27. Brastin3 says:

    Yay! Just finished my game and uploaded it a couple of minutes ago. Super exited to see what others come up with!

  28. wow, there’s still 12h and I just started a spare afternoon/evening, so… i’m in!
    planning to rewrite my older game (sokoban-alike) from C to js, maybe add some twist (or music?).

  29. McMutton says:

    Finished… or more accurately: I have uploaded a playable thingy within the timelimit :p

    Would have loved to do more, but had to scale the project down quite quickly due to my inexperience with Unity. But I’m proud of my submission and will try to participate in every LD down the road, since it was really fun and I learned a lot during this short time. :)

  30. boom done — but it’s cheating as I didn’t design any new levels etc… in case someone enjoys playing it, I’m more than happy. my weekend’s out, see you on ld36 [or minild68 perhaps] :)

  31. CyberStarLight says:

    Yes! I actually finished in time ^^
    I made an Invaders/Tetris mashup, you can play it here:

    It was so much fun to do, now I’m going to check out ALL of the entries, some of them look really cool!

  32. stuckie says:

    There we go.. managed something in a couple of days…

    Snake-A-Roid .. mashup of Snake, Asteroid and a slight dash of Breakout for the fun of it.

    Apologies to anyone looking at the entries while I was trying to get this up.. didn’t notice the 900×600 web iframe limit, and while I’m still out by 20px height wise due to the footer.. it’s playable and the fullscreen thing works anyway.

  33. Pio6 says:

    My first entry, Syper Mairo Brutal:

    It’s a remake of Super Mario Bros. It was supposed to be fast and brutal and it kind of is, but me and my friend didn’t finish everything on time. It was certainly a good way to to see how Ludum Dare works!

  34. Wan says:

    Here’s my mashup of 3 classics into a puzzle game!

    I had to take liberties with the gameplay of each classic, but in the end I feel like the puzzles are mostly interesting to play…

    Anyway congrats everyone, I’ll try to play most of the submitted games over the next days!

  35. calzep says:

    Here’s my entry:

    I would like to say our musician did an outstanding job and I wish I was able to complete more work on my end but it’s hard for me to dedicate 7 straight days to work on development and I can’t manage a workload of art AND programming within that schedule. Not only that, but our UI designer failed to fulfill his responsibilities.

    What is presentable in my entry is a working but unfinished/simplified AI, working powerups/flashlight battery (which kill the ghosts). There is no achievable goal which is the major feature I failed to implement. However, I would like you guys to take my entry into consideration as a proof of concept and judge what is there rather than what isn’t.

  36. CyberStarLight says:

    O.k, it took a while but I tried all of the entries!

    Joining this MiniLD was really fun, both when working on the game and when seeing all of the entries, I was very impressed by all the original ideas and the level of polish people here managed to do in only 7 days, you guys are awesome!
    I hope to see some of you again in the next LD.

    I will leave here my UNOFFICIAL top 3, just for fun. please post your favorites too!

    1. snek REDUX (by ChosenCharacter)
    2. Boa (by Steven Miller)
    3. Cube Snake! (by dAcid)

    (they are all snakes, it’s not intentional though XD)

    last note guys, please try and leave feedback, it’s sad to see entries with no comments at all, people worked hard on some of those and they deserve at least some attention! or at least to know someone played their game.

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