Well, that was underwhelming

Posted by (twitter: @AlphishCreature)
May 10th, 2016 3:45 pm

So, I checked my results, as in, those…

…and, to be honest, they have been quite a disappointment to me. As in, comparing to my previous entries, the recent one has:

  • the worst ever Overall, Fun, Humor, Graphics and Mood scores
  • Innovation and Theme scores better only than a snake clone made in 10-ish hours or so

In other words, going by the ratings alone, it was pretty much my worst Ludum Dare entry ever. Ouch!
That’s a shame, because I hoped to get at least better Innovation and Humor scores. Plus, since I actually finished the core gameplay this time, I hoped I’d do better than my previous entry which was so all-around unfinished it hurt. Well, apparently not. >.<

Well, I guess I'll keep working on my entry from this Jam, anyway. I wouldn't say the results were particularly encouraging (for reasons outlined above), but it seems those who grasped the general idea liked the concept, so there's that. ^^'
Oh, and here goes that my worst-ever Ludum Dare entry, if you haven’t seen it yet and want to for some reason. Have fun, I guess?

3 Responses to “Well, that was underwhelming”

  1. Brice says:

    If I may offer some encouragement: Don’t lose hope, keep going and making more games! This post reads like someone Who is trying to lose 30 pounds, and they are discouraged because they’ve lost 10, and then had a day where they gained back three. It’s all about the long-term! I hope you continue to make games and best of luck

  2. Tanton-H2X says:

    i agree with Brice,and your game really easily to be underestimated… so , don’t more notice these scores…(i think it may more un-useful than people think they were.)
    keep going and hope you more genius work!☆゚

  3. Alphish says:

    Ah, thanks people. As I mentioned, I’m still planning to continue the project; it’s just that results themselves aren’t really encouraging (because they aren’t). They don’t quite cancel out all that awesome feedback I got back then, definitely. ^^’

    (also, Brice, I don’t really consider not keeping making more games to be much of an option; it’s not as much about Ludum Dare progress in general, but rather the fact that an entry I’ve grown quite fond of and got some really positive feedback for, too, somehow turns out to be rated really lowly; I was more confused than discouraged, in fact)

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