My thoughts on my scores, or how to win Ludum Dare.

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May 10th, 2016 12:36 pm

Well, first of all, big thanks to everyone who played and commented on my game. Your feedback is very valuable to me. Controls and speed is your main concern, so, I’ll be working on that.
I’m pleased with my score this time, although this is not my best. I’ll try harder next time.
My thought about this scores.

  • Audio 3.60 That’s second place among my other LD games, nice.
  • Graphics 3.91 I tried hard to make visuals as polished as possible, optimizing from the very start and to the very end. Again, second place. TV-Top beat me here again.
  • Mood 3.32 That was a surprise for me, in judging description of the mood it says “Storytelling, emotion, and the vibe you get while playing.” and I have no story whatsoever. Maybe emotions… I don’t know.
  • Theme 3.69 and Overall 3.40 No comment here. I got overall 301st place and that’s fine. Again, second place after TV-Top
  • Fun 3.27 This is completely my fault – game needs to be easy, but not boring. Hard to do in 48 hours.
  • Humor 2.07 Forgot to un-check this, but I glad I did that. Getting 2.07 in humor out of 0 possible is quite of an achievement. Actually 1 is correct score as there is no humor at all.
  • Innovation 2.91 Almost 3, right? Probably people getting sick and tired of up-beat infinite 3D runners in space. It’s not like a rare genre, let’s say 8-bit minimalistic pixelart platformer or anything.

This chart shows my progression in Ludum Dare. LD33 game (Sand Castle Destroyer 2) with the worst graphics have scored best in humor category.


Here is the same chart, but now it showing places.


Speaking of 8-Bit minimalistic pixelart platformers, it is quite clear, that indie community absolutely love dark themed 8-Bit minimalistic pixelart platformers on small screen with easy controls, with lots of dangers around and on-screen story. I have analyzed last compo winners from quite a while back, most compo winners have done 8-Bit minimalistic pixelart platformers. May be that how I’ll try to win next time, I liked doing pixelart games back in late 80’s.
Hope 8-Bit minimalistic pixelart platformers fun getting my sarcasm and not get offended and start world war X.
Love you all, you are the best. All of you. 😀

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