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May 10th, 2016 1:35 pm

Wait! Don’t do your percentages yet!

Before you do percentages, you need to know how many people you were even competing with. Now it’s easy to just think: Oh, well there were 1594 jam entries and 1118 compo entries, so it should be easy, right?

No! Bad boy!

Not everyone competed on all ratings, and more importantly, not everyone got enough votes to get a rating everywhere. You can only compete against the entries with enough ratings. You simply cannot make the assumption that all the entries with insufficient ratings “were worse” than the ones with. Statistics simply don’t work that way.

So here’s the short of it. This is how many entries got a rating in each of the categories. If you want to determine your position, use these numbers and not the global ones. Yes, your scores will be worse, but at least they will be accurate.


Humor: 795 entries received a score

Theme: 1135 entries received a score

Fun: 1157 entries received a score

Audio: 704 entries received a score

Mood: 1019 entries received a score

Graphics: 1179 entries received a score

Overall: 1194 entries received a score

Innovation: 1123 entries received a score


Humor: 606 entries received a score

Theme: 934 entries received a score

Fun: 933 entries received a score

Audio: 624 entries received a score

Mood: 796 entries received a score

Graphics: 893 entries received a score

Overall: 955 entries received a score

Innovation: 922 entries received a score

How did I get these numbers?

By scraping the whole site. You can find a table with every single entry and data about it here:

Ludum Dare 35 Data (Big, big table)

If you would like to do analysis on this data, I also provide it in JSON form, available here: Ludum Dare 35 data (JSON)

Data from previous jams is also available: LD34, LD33, LD32, LD31, LD30, etc. Just edit the number in the URL for previous jams, or change it from .html to .json to get the json version.

If you just so happen to run you’re welcome to use this data and make the site way, way more useful! 😀

😀 LOVE YOU! <3


6 Responses to “How many people got ratings”

  1. Gamepopper says:

    Probably because I’m a bit lazy but is there someway you can add the amount of entries who received each score for each jam at the top? At the moment the only way I can find out is by sorting each position entry in order, go down to where the numbers end, and see what number that point is on the column at the very far left. It’s made slower by the time it takes my computer to sort hundreds of entries.

  2. Liam :D says:

    Each page now had a header with links to other jam data pages and the jam’s json file. There is a table at the start with how many entries with rankings in each category there are. I’ve also added a column per category, which is the “percentage placement” for that entry for that category.

    • reckhou says:

      Hello Liam, there is a bug in your program that if some entries have same position in a category, only 1 of them will show up and others won’t be calculated in.

      For example, my game JaJa’s Bizarre Transformer was ranked 66 in overall, but it didn’t show up in your table. All other entries with same rank didn’t show up as well. Please check it:)

      Thanks for your hard work!

      • Liam :D says:

        Hello! Thank you for your report, I was however unable to recreate this bug. The game appears to be in the list (number 1683 in the list in default ordering).

        Two possible ways come to mind, which could potentially have caused this though:
        – Filtering by “compo only” at the top will hide it since it’s an “open” (jam) game
        – it’s also fairly low down the list in default ordering, meaning it can take a while for your browser to properly format the whole page’s content. During this time, ctrl+f will not find games that have not yet been formatted by the browser.

        If neither of these are correct and you still experience the bug, please let me know which browser you use so I can check if it’s a browser specific JavaScript issue.

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