Pathetic Last minute beg to get to 50.

Posted by (twitter: @@PolyrogueGames)
May 9th, 2016 5:37 pm

I’ve played about 70 games thanks to my streams, and I haven’t disliked a single one :)

Now I ask for help, in the last few moments before the end, to give my game a very quick play. It takes only a minute to get the gist of it, and to help get me to 50 votes, since after you reach 40, it’s a slow, agonising progress. I have had seven more since then, yet I reached 40 two weeks ago.
[If you do have the time, I implore you to check it out here!]


Thanks, regardless :)
Fun little gif:


7 Responses to “Pathetic Last minute beg to get to 50.”

  1. gurkenlabs says:

    done! we’d really appreciate if you could check out our game, too :)

  2. Miziziziz says:

    Will do
    could you play mine as well? I just need one more vote:

  3. Kuupu says:

    I would rate again if I could! hehehe

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