Hello community, we’d like to thank for everyone’s support to our game JaJa’s Bizzare Transformer. Your kind comments encouraged us to continue development and we’ve built a post-jam version, including several major updates. If you’ve already played our game, it’s a good chance to give it another try to see some new stuff! If you have not played, then what are you waiting for? Just try it :)

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Major updates in V1.1 including:

A Brand New “Flee” Option!



New Game Modes!


Arcade Mode: 10 Lives, Infinite Continues.

Hardcore Mode: 5 Lives, NO Continue, Score X 10.

Roguelike Mode: 1 Live, NO Continue, Score X 50 + Survival Time Bonus.


Score Board!



Try to get higher score each time you play!


Full Controller Support!

Keyboard Control:

Movement: WSAD
Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Left Mouse Button
Switch Form: Q
Supreme Shield With Ultimate Mouth Cannon: E

Joystick Control:

Movement: Left Stick or Cross Button
Aim: Right Stick
Shoot: RT
Switch Form: LT
Supreme Shield With Ultimate Mouth Cannon: Button X


Balance Fix Including:


Aim angle from 45 to 60 degrees(the major issue many people mentioned).

Final boss nerf, HP decreased by 10%, fire rate decreased by 33%.

3rd boss buff, HP increased by 20%.

Bug fix: Players can continue to play even they are already dead.

And lots of minor bug fixed!


Check Our Game Here

Thanks for playing!

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2 Responses to “Major Update of JaJa’s Bizzare Transformer, New Mode, Bug Fix”

  1. fin_nolimit says:

    Man, I really have to do one of these pages!! Lately, I’ve been just playing the games on stream and on the forum boards because I can really tell that you took great thought into your game!!! This is fantastic!


  2. MSiddeek says:

    That difficulty screen xD LOL

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