I will keep this post-mortem short because I don’t have much to say about my game…


Go on a Journey or something

What went right :

  • Nothing major went wrong
  • The bow and arrow mechanics turned out flawlessly
  • The music was turn out really well.
  • The gameplay was actually fun this time
  • Art wasn’t as horrid as usual


Want went Wrong :

  • For some reason, everybody didn’t quite understand the mechanics. Actually, the only person that said they didn’t was Jupiter Hadley, but she counts as everybody.
  • When voice acting, I was going for a annoying but funny voice acting… But it turned out just to be annoying.
  • The games difficulty curve was sorta sharp.
  • I ran out of Mt. Dew in┬álike my first 2 hours.
  • And I just feel like the game was missing something.


I don’t know what it was… But I just wasn’t feeling it this LD. I think it was the theme, I wasn’t particularly fond of it. Overall, it was a good LD. I got most of what I wanted done, done. Next Ludum Dare, I will crush it, I can just feel it.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!!! In celebration of my birthday, I released a new track on my soundcloud. You can listen to it here…

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