(speed is too slow ToT just finished not a few days…orz)

                     my game ‘s name is <The Flower of Sphinx> ;  

as the title,the topic is about [life-stage] and [flower] (also about some small critters :D)

actually (of course) there are not any super-deeply admonition/sermonize at all, just a simple and short game, I hope could to give player some relaxed feeling by this simple game. ^-^



 Share some fun things:  

-at first ,i think if i hide the key word<sphinx> , it may be better?( for example use T.F.O.S as the title…  oh i really not only for cool :D)

-recently , i have relaized that it maybe not the best practice (,Ծ‸Ծ,) :

—-one aspect  may becasue these tipes /informs/guides  which  in my game was done not good enough ( ok ok… maybe very bad  i think…ಥoಥ)

—-    (L-A and L-B may liitle confused you…so the tip is just . try to [find]  the flower(or leaves?/petals?)  …)

—– another aspect was the title will be seen when player real in game  sooner or later! orz

so, i  start to know: it seems like that i have nothing to be hide…  ( how  torn am i   before > < o) 


Simple summarize :

my game’s elements’s build method was  partly  based on one of my old works which was built for a speed concept painting;

and the other parts (for example this game’s concpet/experience preset  ) was  inspired by @mizou ‘s artwork a lot  (Interestingly,that two image happened to  be set to our page’s banner.> < really fun!)

about that ,it  let me think about [流] [气] [韵]  preliminary.   i even attempt to combine my game’s main rhythm to those feeling which i got from her artwork…  but to be honest, this is   a little bit difficulty for me ( what i done was also not considered to got the core deeply  at the finish …)


(btw, @mizou also participate in this LD and was team with , you must have seen the <LD Picked Volume> which biult by his collect and recoomand in homepage before.

their work < Mountain> this LD also really great !  i’ve always liked  their works )


in addition,there are some design points were  inspired  by  some sketches which from my 2013design-sketch note ,when this game just  at the brain-strom stage…

some sketches from my old design-note.

To a certain extent,these sketches also influenced  this game’s theme and some character’s design.

some sketches from my old design-note.

<—> for example this  shy-boy( i called it prowler)

shy boy

i have tried to set it(he) as an emotion-toggle in the LevelB

just to communicate the world rhythm’s  little shift,  also hope it could as an image for a type of disposition(temperament)

of course, he is also the only character which have eyes in this game   ( i think ,eyes is so impotrant key  espically when we want to build some emotion..)

About Game Recommend:



I have played a game recently,which name is < Flutterby> 

i found  that we both choose some similar themes.   and this discovery really let me feel happy and exciting !

Both because of  it enlighten me so much ,also becasue that  i  found in this situation ,seems like i  could  get more useful feeling about my game.


so, if your game have some similary  theme with me (or someone else’s game which you have played in this LD)

hope you could  leave the link  in the comments,  i will try to give them as much as  my  feedback in experience.

for example , hope it based on some fable (of course, also including but not limited to must like that example, also could be in art aspect/experience feeling,fexp beauty or dreamlike or relaxed feeling….and so on)


Finally,i must to say that  i ‘d  like to thank everyone who has played my game, I’d also hope  to  play/rate  some more entries as the  LD is coming to finish.

Hope we can exchange ideas and feedback, so that we could  all study and feel more  to grow together! Thanks, really! ^ ^

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Thanks for your reading.




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