A Blob Versus Tower Post Mortem

May 5th, 2016 12:05 pm

Blob versus tour (is a pretty bad title, but I couldn’t find a better one) is a reverse tower defense. Your goal is to destroy the final tower of each five level, using your minions that can shapeshift. One shape avoid battle and run straight toward the last tower, while the two others just attack everything they can.

You can still play and rate it !




What went well :

Base Idea :
I wrote down on paper all the idea that came into my mind after reading the theme, mixed them and found the game idea taking a little from every ideas. I simplified the result to fit into 72h of production, then, I started to program the core mechanic.

Graphics :
I made all the assets in 3 hours, the second day, which was faster than expected. I’ve even made all the necessary sprites for animations, and some others that I finally didn’t use.

BlobVSTour 2016-04-19 02-34-07-93

All the graphical element were ready to go into the game, but I was desperately trying to understand « why-the-hell-do-I-have-this-error-message» for some important game elements and loose all the time that should have been spent to take care of the animations. The game look a little bit weird because of that. At least it has graphics.

What went wrong :

Music & sounds
I remembered that I should take care of the music for my game three hours before the deadline… I was expecting more time to make my own music, because I have no experience at all in sound design, so I had to search for free copyrighted musics to avoid a completely silent game.
It was supposed to have in game sounds as well, but when I put them in the game, it created too much bugs… At the end, I just removed them.

Programming :
Well my biggest problem is the whole programming thing. I’m pretty bad at making it works before the [put a number here]th try… even if i’m getting better at it because I continue to practice almost everyday. I loose too much time trying to resolve problems that ended up having a really simple solution. I’m still looking for an extremely complicated way to do things that can be done in one line of code…


It appear that I should have think of a better mapping for the shapeshift thing. Now, I think that making it all with the mouse isn’t a bad idea. Probably easier to do for the player, but also for me ! Why am I doing things in a complicated way while an easy one exist ? Ugh.
I’ve also found a way to avoid one of the biggest bug I met during the jam, but it needs a lot of work, so I will go back to this game later this year. I need to work and think of something else for a while.

I’ve learned a lot during this Ludum dare, it was a great experience, even if things didn’t went as well as expected.

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