The Mind of Marlo – A Post-mortem

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May 3rd, 2016 5:28 am
Thumbnails - The Mind Of Marlo
Firstly, thank you to all the reviewers who have left us nothing but lovely comments so far. We appreciate everyone of them!
When we approach Ludum Dare we always hope to make a game based on tools we need to create for the proper game we are making (a point and click adventure). Sometimes that isn’t possible due to the theme but like LD#33 we were able to shoehorn some stuff in this time. LD#33 allowed us to implement our dialogue tree system and the current Ludum Dare gave us a chance to create the inventory/combine items system. Both Ludum Dares went swimmingly in that respect, we created our tools for later whilst making fairly enjoyable games!
We created a short point and click adventure where the player has to find a way to scare Marlo’s shapeshifting identities away.
What went well?
Getting off to a flying start
In our experience this is the key to a good Ludum Dare. We stayed up late to check the theme, brainstormed the idea quickly and then went to bed (separately) and slept on it. The artist is 3 hours ahead of the coder so woke up earlier and got cracking on the artwork. When the coder got to his computer he hit the ground running, and hit the ground running he did, he did a gas installation as well that morning! Luckily he didn’t blow himself up so we got quite a bit done on the first day.
Top tip – Don’t stay up to the wee hours after the theme is announced. Stay up long enough to come up with your idea and then get some rest cause the rest of your weekend is going to be super busy.
Staying in scope + good time keeping
We’re better at this now. We pretty much managed to include everything we wanted in our game aside from that extra polish we all wish we could add. We both had to go to work on Monday so left that day for bug fixing, fortunately there weren’t too many!
Top tip – Be realistic. Figure out exactly how much time you can spend on your game then divide it by how fast you can work and then consider removing that hilarious but ultimately pointless cutscene that will take 7 hours to create.
It was fun
It was fun.
Top tip – Have fun.
What went wrong?
Not a whole lot! It could have been better in many ways but we finished what we set out to do and we’re both pretty pleased with the result.  There are always things you would like to have added. We would have liked more item inspection dialogue contextual to whatever form Marlo was in but that would have added 4x the amount of dialogue and it’s hard to be funny when you start Day 2 after 4 hours sleep.
All in all it was a fun experience and as always we look forward to the next jam. In the meantime we are going to play more of your games and anxiously wait till Monday!
Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of Ludum Dare #35.
If you haven’t played and are curious go and have a peek!

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