Mythic Morph postmortem and postcompo

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May 1st, 2016 7:44 am

Loveapple Games proudly announce our entry: Mythic Morph, and a Postcompo version!

Contributors: Boris van Schooten (game concept, programming, graphics), Val Jones (game concept, graphics, audio), Athena Norcia of Norcia Muziek (violin parts).

>>> Play the game here <<<

grab1-sm mythicmorph-postcompo

The game was developed while being on vacation in Seville, which was an interesting challenge in itself!

It included some epic distractions, like the Spring Fair (Feria de Abril).


We weren’t exactly well tooled up… All programming and some graphics and audio processing were done on a tiny netbook that was too slow to actually play the game, so the game was tested on a tablet! We used the hotel room and tapas bars as development studios.

Other graphics and audio processing were done on an ancient Macbook Air. For audio capture we used a Cowon Z2 mp3/mp4 player running Android 2 – it still works great apart from the Korean interface (good if you speak Korean; we don’t). Audio review and playback was on a cheap capsule speaker.

ld35gamedev1-final ld25gamedev2

Musical and other audio effects created in Spain were done using local equipment: a bidet, toilet, washbasin, wet flannel, flapping T-shirt, squeaky bathroom door, various beer cans and glasses from the hotel minibar struck with the courtesy razor, the human voice… to mention but a few.

Gamedev food included Spanish bread and guacamole (we used the courtesy toothbrush as a knife), iced coffee, chorizo, and melon sweets. Epic vacation!!!


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  1. MatMortatti says:

    Wow! On a vacation haha that’s interesting.
    Let me check your game :)

  2. josemwarrior says:

    Ole, ole!

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