Are trophies dead?

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May 1st, 2016 5:32 pm

Did you know that you could give other LDers trophies? Simply go to their profile and click the “Award a Trophy!” button.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.30.48 AM

Since I recently had the chance to play some games, I noticed most people have only a few trophies. I’m going to start giving some to revive the practice 😛

3 Responses to “Are trophies dead?”

  1. Headmade says:

    I really like this feature, to bad it is used so rarely.

  2. fin_nolimit says:

    haha… this is a great idea! i’m a first time LDarian so I did not even know about trophies!!! Very cool!!!

  3. klianc09 says:

    If I recall correctly there was a widget on the front page that showed recent awarded trophies, making it a more frequently used feature. But it got abused by someone to harass and insult other people and their games, so it got removed… :(

    I really like the trophy system and also liked the frontpage widget. It’s really a shame we can’t have nice things because of some people who can’t behave in public….

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