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April 30th, 2016 4:41 pm

Hey guys! Post-mortem time!

I had so much fun this Ludum and I can not wait to see the results. This was not only my first compo, but also my first fully playable game. I also had the chance to upload my first game to the Google Play Store! I’ve played many excellent games but I feel really good about mine. So If you haven’t played it yet, go and give it a try.


I was really looking for this Ludum. I wanted to take part in the compo to force myself to create a whole game. Sadly, when the theme was announced I didn’t really like the theme and I had not a single idea for it. Not being so good at graphics made really hard the shapeshifting part. But suddenly, an idea hit me! I knew that many of you would use simple shapes in your games, but at least I had an idea! I sat down and “draw” my base idea.

shape-grid mock-up

There would be a board filled with 4 different tiles and 3 different colors. The player would move from one to the other getting as many as possible.

So with no time to lose, I just started creating my graphics. This took me a while. I decided I would have gray sprites and then color them in-game. This was the result:


As graphics were done, I jumped to programming. I’m so proud of my level generation. I works great and the gameplay turned out just as I expected.
Sadly, I had no time for audio. I tried some chords in FL Studio, but it did not match what I wanted for this game.

Finally, feedback has been very possitive. That makes me really happy and encourages me to keep developing this game in the future. It could potentially grow a lot.

Again, please go and play ShapeGrid if you didn’t, or watch Frederika┬áplay my game in the stream made by Omiya Games.


Thank you so much guys!

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