Craft a Raft

April 28th, 2016 1:28 pm

Play Craft a Raft!


We didn’t have much time to summarize this Ludum Dare so here’s a little review on our game.

Craft a Raft

Craft a raft is a puzzle/action game where you craft your raft to get to your goal without getting drown.
As you move, you can shapeshift it to fit your needs to pass the level,
for example you can transfer one wood to the right to defend you from the coming hit.

What we really like about the game, is that it combines both puzzle and action,
sometimes you have to be quick  and click on the right timing,
and sometimes you have to solve and think how you are going to pass the obstacle.


What went right

  • Thinking on ideas – new method We’ve tried a new method of thinking on a game concept,
    every team member took a paper and doodled his ideas.
    First we gave anyone one hour to come up with his own original ideas, as many ideas as he can come up with.
    Then we went through the ideas, and came up with new ideas inspired by the other team members.
    In the end, we chose our favourite idea, which was Craft a Raft. We had a few more good ideas which we almost picked up :)
    If people will ask we’ll upload the drafts papers.
  • Teamwork we usually have more argues on how and what to do(on the thinking on idea part mainly), this time we didn’t spent many on this, everyone were very satisfied of the idea.
    The only argue we had was how to say ludum dare.
  • Meeting face to face We usually work separately, anyone from his own house, and this time part of us met(the programmers),
    which made a huge difference! It was much more fun, and much more efficient. (And less sleep hours, we didn’t let each other to fall asleep)
  • The game We are very satisfied from what the the game became
  • Taking breaks We went once to a restaurant, it was a short break because we took the food as a takeaway but it was fun to get out of the house for a little to relax and free our mind,
    and it was very tasty! 😛 Also we were suprised when we got to the rastuarant by its look, so much surprised that we were speechless when the waiter approached to us. The restaurant’s look defiantly left a mark on our memory.

What went wrong

  • Too much effort on engine We spended too much time on the map editor,
    we could make much more content in this time
  • Wrong management of sleeping times We waited until the theme will be announced, and hour later went to sleep,
    we should have gone to sleep earlier and wake up when the jam starts.
  • Food preparation many times we were working so hard that we forgot to eat until it was very late,
    and we had to start looking for what and where to eat, next time we’ll think about it ahead.


Future Thoughts

We’re going to continue the game, In fact we’ve already been working on it everyday since the jam and we’ll soon upload what we’ve done 😀
Many bug fixes, screenshakes, more polishing, achievements, saga levels.
We already ported to android, but we have tiny more tweaks to do before we publish the android port.
We also want to add cutscenes, and pickable stars.
There are also many level ideas waiting to be accomplished, we have ideas to new challenging levels that will make you think!
We can’t wait to upload it! We’ll upload it once it’ll be ready, so stay tuned!



Please leave a comment, we’d like to know what you think about the game,
and what we can improve, or if you have any new ideas!
We also included the map editor in the game, so you can publish your own levels to us if you like!

You can visit our tumblr and twitter for more updates.


Play Craft a Raft!


That’s it until next time!
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