Like many players, I like the ability to play Ludum Dare games that are made for the web. They’re quick and easy to get started, don’t require a certain OS, and are less prone to having viruses.

The problem is… How do I find a list of only LD games that are made for the web? What I’ve been doing is searching for “web”, but there seems like there must be a better way. Does anyone have better ideas?

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  1. ChuiGum says:

    Well I know you can search ‘HTML5’ and find web games like that (but of course not all). You can also go to this mosaic:, click the web filter and hover around games and if they blink red and white it’s a web game and you can just go from there.

    Also, my game is on the web. You can punch dinosaurs, wanna check it out?

  2. zenmumbler says:

    You can use my games browser I posted about a few days ago:

    It has live filtering and text search. I’m also preparing a great classification update and will try and launch it today. Watch the LD blog!

    • QualityCatGames says:

      I decided to give it a little shot, how does the ‘strict’ keyword or tag filter work?

      I checked Flash and HTML5 and only got a total of two games.
      I know there are others, including my own, and clicking the term “HTML5” on this website would bring them up.

      Might want to look into that cuz there’s like IDK… a pretty sizeable number of HTML5 games not shown. I didn’t bother to check for flash on here yet.

      • zenmumbler says:

        Yes, the checkbox filters I added in first were based on my optimistic take that I would be able to get reliable runtime info from descriptions or download links. I have simplified and by doing so improved the classification.

        I have just uploaded the updated site, I hope the UI and data are more accessible.
        If you have some time, give it another try. Thanks!

        • Will Edwards says:

          The mosaic script actually follows links to try and spot Unity vs “proper” web games.

          Code in , particularly the file.

          Its not 100%, but its good enough 😉

          For example, here’s the data for the current LD: (an array of games, each game is an array with these fields:


          (where unity_fool is a boolean that says its a unity web game that doesn’t announce it)

          • zenmumbler says:

            My main reason to create a scrape and this site was that I encountered many a entry with a link titled “Web” going to some page or other domain where then there were only downloadable apps. With some text matching I try to make this a bit better but it’s not much better.

            In the end though, while using my browser I realised I found the instant text search much more useful than the platform related stuff. I don’t really care if something is unity or java or love or whatever, I mainly want to know that I have a good chance of running a game on mu computer.

            My next step is changing the standard platform selection to “Likely to run on this computer”. For web-only candidates the current “Web-based” category is for now quite reasonable. If I find some more time, I’ll add in your fake-unity-web link info as well, thanks for pointing it out.

  3. QualityCatGames says:

    Ideally searching for keywords like “Flash” , “HTML5″, WebGL” , etc…

    However, this also depends on the developers including said keywords.
    I actually forgot this at first since there appears to be a lack of a tagging feature.

    I recently updated my entry with the keywords “HTML5” and “RPG”

    I think if I remember I’ll throw “web” in there, too, tomorrow, though, I’m tired.

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