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April 26th, 2016 7:27 pm

(You can play our entry here)

(Looking for games to try and rate, please post yours on a comment)

The games I am going to show on this post are focused on innovation. Maybe they are not perfect, we all know that innovation is risky but extremely gratificant.

However, it is interesting to see games like this. I personally love the innovation in videogames, even if they have flaws. It is a brave way to discover something new that may help other developers to improve their games, and who knows, maybe they inspire completely new mechanics.

So here they are: some entries of the LD35 that I consider higly innovative.


Just Roll With It (Try here)

This one is a classic move-rocks puzzle game, but with a twist: it is specially designed for playing it with Oculus DK2 and Omni. So, if you own both of these, go try it right now! I tried it on web since I don’t have Oculus neither Omni, but the game overall is funny and has good graphics, so it must be a great VR experience.


play (Try here)

A little arkanoid type game. Gameplay is a bit conventional, a classic breakout game, so, where is the innovation? It is on the “brick” animation. Their moves are based on a song, ANY song you import into the game. So yeah, mechanic it is not different from the original one, but the generated sound wave really amazed me.

Cloud Sculptor (Try here)

This one has not an objective, nor a conflict. So it is more a “toy” rather than a “game”. Nothing wrong with it! I enjoyed the experiment, maybe it needs to be a bit polished but i found it relaxing and interesting.


Snakoban (Try here)

Snakoban is a minimalistic game, with what I think it is a new point of view of the old Snake game. Your objective is to touch the green pixel of the level by growing yourself, but you have to be careful with all the “sand” bits of the puzzles. Its mechanic is really really original, so that is why I included it on this post.


Inner Maze (Try here)

One of my favourite entries of this Ludum Dare, here the scenario changes its shape depending on your heartbeat (well, not you real heartbeat, but the character’s). So you have to move if you want to keep things moving! More to the point, depending on the character’s emotions, some elements of the environment will reveal.

Here is where this post ends. I know there are more innovative entries, but I prefered to post some of those who aren’t as known as others. And, to say the truth, some of the other innovative games I found were promoted on other posts I wrote, and I didn’t want to repeat myself.

But maybe you know some more. Would you share them? Write on a comment!



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6 Responses to “Innovative Games”

  1. fin_nolimit says:

    This is awesome!!! I love trying recommended games that are recommended by someone from the community and it’s not even their game!! You rock!

  2. matiasbontempo says:

    I have not tried many of the games you posted here but I definitely will!

    Hope you can try mine! 😀


  3. Lullaby says:

    Thanks for sharing these games ! I have a friend Who has a DK2, so Ill definitely wait for him to try the first of your List !
    If you ever want to take a look at our entry, it’s over here :

    Thanks for sharing these, anyway !

  4. LOSTALLOY says:

    I’ve tried “play” with my most upbeat 8bit music here and it’s awesome. 10/10 would have seizure again (kidding). I really loved it and played it a lot of times.

  5. Naca says:

    Por el nombre creo que hablas castellano, así que me la juego 😀 Muchas gracias por compartir mi trabajo aquí. Me quedé flipado al verlo, no me lo esperaba en absoluto. Pero es muy gratificante ver que a alguien le parece interesante, aún con todos sus defectos y limitaciones. Son estas cosas las que me dan ganas de seguir trabajando en él y pulirlo un poco, cosa que no pensaba hacer en principio. Muchas gracias, en serio.

    Por cierto, tienes muy buen gusto para los juegos :) He estado viendo tus posts y gracias a ellos he descubierto muchos juegos interesantes. Yo estoy preparando uno también, que publicaré en breves. Espero sacar a la luz alguna que otra pieza que valga la pena jugar 😉

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