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April 26th, 2016 6:00 pm

This is a long shot…. lol but one of the features I wanted to add to my game I was simply not able to because of NOT KNOWING HOW!!!  In fact I spend way too long and almost ran out of time trying to figure it out.  I figured I would be able to figure it out after the JAM but I still can’t.  If you use GAMEMAKER Studio and you’re bored then I have a quick challenge for you….

How in the world do I make my Swedish Fish retract!  In my game, once the Swedish Fish touches the textured blocks he shrinks back to normal size.  I had to do that because I could not figure out how to get his tail to retract back to his head.  Try out the game to see what I’m talking about!!  If I could get him to retract then that would be just SOOOO COOL!!!  You guys are all my heroes and this entire experience has been amazing!  Thank you for even playing the game and being such a supportive community!



  1. curtamyth says:

    Since I’m not sure how you implemented the stretching to begin with I can’t tell you specifically what you need to do. My suggestion though is that in the step event of whatever object controls the stretching, check whether or not the condition for retraction is met (collision with textured object) and if so, move the tail one step along the fish’s path while at the same time deleting the stretched body under the tail. That’s a bit general but hopefully that puts you on the right track.

  2. fin_nolimit says:

    Okay, first YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!! As soon as I get to my main computer I’m going to post the source file!! That was very good logic!! I’m going to give that a shot (again when I get to the right computer lol) Thanks so much for responding!!

    Also, I have the fish create a body part every step (he moves automatically — which is in the step event) This is a terrible implantation because he constantly creates body parts even while on a block. This is okay because it is a small mini game but if it was a full game then it would cause all kinds of lag (SO MY MISTAKE THERE). I don’t think I can stop the step event from happening while he is on a block… hmmmmm… so tough!!! lol I love the puzzle. Like a GAME WITHIN A GAME

    • curtamyth says:

      I’m happy to help! You can make the step event stop while on the block, you would just need an if statement within the step event that checks whether you’re against a block and facing it (which would be the collision check), and put the movement/body generation code in the else event for that collision check. Within that collision check might be a good place to put the retraction code too but that might be a bit more complicated to run since it involves other objects, with proper use of global variables or object.variable calls it should be possible though. It is like a logic puzzle isn’t it? It’s one of my favorite parts of game development :)

  3. fin_nolimit says:

    Oh wow!! Seriously!!! This is so much more than I could have even hoped for!! When I tell my friends and family that my daughter and I entered this contest they always ask what you get if you win… I always tell them you get the greatest game development community in the world win or lose!!!!! Thank you again!!! I can’t believe I did not think about putting in the condition before building the body in the step event!! That time 72 hours time limit got me all flustered!!!!

    • curtamyth says:

      You’re very welcome, helping was my pleasure :) I’m still learning a lot myself so it feels good to be able pass some of the knowledge I’ve gained down to others. Thanks for the kind words on my game by the way, I appreciate it!

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