Games you can play… again

April 25th, 2016 7:36 pm

(You can check our entry here)

I like to write posts promoting some entries. To be honest, I find it that this edition has a really good level overall, for the moment I haven’t found any game that had a rate less than 3/5. I am really enjoying it, and here are some of the games I played and I like the most.

I am looking for more games to play, post yours on a comment!

Party at the Knightclub



Triangles Say Yip

Project G.R.I.L.L.


Have fun!


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3 Responses to “Games you can play… again”

  1. Fabraz says:

    AWESOME list, thanks for that!

    May I plug mine? I’d like to think it’s quite replay able as well:

  2. Pickens Inc. says:

    Quite a few, actually. Limber by Wefiend comes to mind. Maybe even mine. Thanks for the list!

  3. MatMortatti says:

    Hello! Our game is short, lasting only few seconds per trial (UNLESS you are good enough at it hehe).
    It’s designed to be replayable :)

    You can check Wolfbit here:

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