“Dave from Bungie” Post Mortem

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April 25th, 2016 10:48 pm

If you haven’t played it yet I would really appreciate it if you rated and commented on my game!

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The Challenges:
Originally I had hoped to spend the entire weekend making a low poly 3D game. However, I had the following time obstacles, most of which would separate me from my computer.

* Homework! I had to write an Android App and an Essay before Monday.

* Local event I wanted to attend on Saturday morning.

* A prior engagement spanned the entire day on Sunday.

* I hate Mondays.

Despite these challenges I still manages to create something that somewhat resembles a game. Woot!


The Good:
I felt like this Ludum Dare was a success and here are some reasons why

* The Concept. I’ve been wanting to explore a game that takes places through simulated text messages for a long time and I finally got started on one.

* “Story is King!” Story telling is a skill that I am trying to develop and my game definitely tells a story.

* Humor. I am glad I was able to work some humor into my game. I try not to take this too seriously. šŸ˜›


The Bad:

* Art. I didn’t have an artist so all I had was my rudimentary Illustrator skills. The phones don’t look interesting at all and I think that detracts from the overall appeal.

* Story Paths. A couple comments mention how linear the game is. Alright, I admit that Chapter2 is entirely linear with no possible deviation. So it could’ve been more interesting.

* Writing. I wish I had more time to write more interesting dialogue and more interesting endings.


The Future:

Overall, I’m happy with how this Ludum Dare turned out considering the circumstances. I’m not promising anything but my plan is to keep working on this game for a couple of weeks. I hope to make the story longer, add more effective dialogue and make the visuals moreĀ appealing.

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