Tips And Tricks On How To Get A Good Score In My Game

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April 24th, 2016 9:11 am

Right, so a lot of the comments/criticism that my entry SHAPE.SHIFT() has been receiving was geared towards the game’s brutally unforgiving difficulty and whilst pretty much of it is my fault (I didn’t make the holes bigger, I should have increased the gap between obstacles, The player moves too slow etc.), it is still possible to get a pretty good score (A friend of mine managed to get 110 points and someone who rated this got 160) so I figured I might as well write up a quick guide with some tips and tricks on how to get good scores in my game (i.e. not die every time)  .

Top and Bottom Holes

When an obstacle with either a top or bottom hole appears, the best position to be in is to move towards the edge of the screen.


Top Hole


Bottom Hole

Middle Holes

Middle holes are generally more tougher to pass through because of the somewhat pinpoint positioning needed but as a general rule of thumb, the position you’re at when the game starts (i.e. don’t move yet for a few seconds) is the one you most likely want to be in when attempting to pass through middle holes.

Middle Hole

Middle Hole

Moving From Hole To Hole

Once you get the hang of positioning yourself, the next tricky part is learning how to move from hole to hole. Whilst going from top to middle or bottom to middle or middle to top/bottom is relatively easy because of the short distance, going from a top hole to a bottom one (and vice-versa) is pretty tough because of how slow the player moves but the one golden rule I’d like to give out is that as soon as you pass the previous hole, start moving immediately towards the next one (ideally just after you hear that ding sound when you score some points for passing through a hole) although it does require some split second timing (i.e. not too early/late).  When a shape switch is required when going from hole to hole, what I find works best for me is to move straight into position then switch shapes at the last possible minute just before entering the hole.


Anyway here’s a small gameplay clip of me getting 280 points in the game using these techniques (ironically my personal best although what you didn’t see were the number of time I died trying to record a good run).

If you haven’t tried the game yet, you can do so by clicking here (And if any of these tips actually helped you in getting a good score let me know :) )

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  1. Pickens Inc. says:

    Despite the difficulty, I still enjoyed playing it on Stream yesterday :)
    Played it again, got 90 points! 😀

  2. fin_nolimit says:

    I would RAGE and want to stop BUT I just had to keep playing!!! lol Fantastic game!!! :)

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