Something wrong with the coolness system?

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April 24th, 2016 4:36 am

This is weird:


My game received 71 votes so far, even though I’ve only found the time to cast 17, more than 4 times as much as you’d expect! The game doesn’t appear on any external sites, YouTube videos, or “best of” posts, as far as I could find. So how are so many people discovering and rating it?

One theory I have is related to the new search shortcuts bar:


Note how it says “HTML5” even though the submission form prefills the word “Web” by default. So maybe it’s because my game has “HTML5” in its description?

If this is causing this huge vote skew, something should be done about that, because this seems pretty unfair to people who happen to work on less accessible platforms. Ideally, of course, we’d have a dropdown for platform selection, but I’m sure PoV is working on that in the new version :)

The search function could use synonyms, so that a search for either term would also come up with the other (throw in “WebGL”, “browser” and maybe “JavaScript” while you’re at it). If that’s hard to do, I’d suggest to change the search shortcut to “Web”.

5 Responses to “Something wrong with the coolness system?”

  1. YinYin says:

    Very much that or a lot of people were looking forward to play this.

  2. puppetmaster says:

    You are lucky, we never got more than 40 votes with a coolness more than 70

  3. APantaloni says:

    Well, I know I much prefer to play jam games directly in the browser, so I think that the HTML5 filter theory could be a big part of it.
    Really nice entry by the way :)

  4. SHLFStudios says:

    I haven’t played yours yet, but i recall seeing on the first page near the top when I sorted by html5. so yea, that’s probably your answer

  5. Felladrin says:

    Nice catch. There’s definitely something wrong with that search system.

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