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April 23rd, 2016 10:52 am

First of all: I have nothing against Gamejolt’s ads. I think they are a great way for the web and the devs to get something to keep developing and uploading.

This is just a “funny” reflexion I had since the very first time I uploaded Henkan Pachinko to Gamejolt.

So yea, let’s say that, umm, you finish your beautiful and fancy Ludum Dare entry (solo or with mates). You have put a great effort to it, maybe you have not sleeped, maybe you have not eaten (ok, this one is strange), you haven’t seen the sun. Your family and friends had reported the police because of your disappearence, your couple is starting to think you are cheating him/her, and then starts thinking you probably have a hidden family.

But nothing matters! You are happy with you little indie game. It could be better, maybe, but you finished it on a weekend! And that is a triumph. You had fun, after all.

You finish to compile for web. You create the game’s page on Gamejolt, you upload it. The upload finishes and you click on the “Play” button, daring to try it.

But before that, an ad. And not a normal ad. A fu***** blockbuster videogame ad.

These are the games I saw advertised on Gamejolt the past days

“What a nice game!”, you say. “I might want to try it, they look incredible”, you say. “Oh, the ad has finished, let’s try our LD game”, you say.

So your game starts, and you see THIS.


So cool

You compare with the games you have just seen. “What have I done”, “After seeing the others, mine is a crap!”. You start to feel and make some strange expressions in just two seconds.

Fortunately, you remember that those games had a budget of millions of dollars and were done over lots of months (maybe years). You remember you had a great time (solo or with friends), now you can meet new devs and the lil entry you have can be the base of something bigger. That is all what matters.

In our case, someone got angry because he thought that we put the ads to our game, that it was “the first time he saw a Ludum Dare entry with an ad”. He kindly sponsored his comment with a viagra ad.

Well, I simply wanted to share my thoughts with somebody else. Have you experienced something similar?

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9 Responses to “Gamejolt’s ads”

  1. There’s always that is free with no ads.

  2. JoshDBB says:

    There is a way of configuring your game not to show ads in GameJolt.

  3. fin_nolimit says:

    I love ITCH.IO!!!!! I can’t even believe how easy that is to set up and use!!!! On a side note, how about that blue crying wolf??? wow… :)

  4. AnaGF says:

    I want to try someday. I like Gamejolt anyways, it has interesting things like Gamejolt’s API, but having the possibility of customizing your game’s page seems to be really useful.

  5. josemwarrior says:

    Your solution is called In any case I enjoyed a lot reading your post ROLF

  6. APantaloni says:

    Well, not exactly the same, but somebody once commented on an Android game of mine that “it’s asking for the user’s personal information”, like it was some sort of scam app. He was probably referring to the Google Play Games login screen (the Google leaderboards and achievement service that many many games use) 😀

  7. Orion Dev says:

    Yes, yes I have…

  8. Cerno_b says:

    I got that when I looked at the LD stream ;(

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