72 Hour Squareathon

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April 23rd, 2016 2:09 pm

Hi! We’re Michael ( @mwcz ) and Jared ( @caramelcode ), aka Scripta Games. For LD35 we built a web-based multiplayer disc bouncing game called Square Off.

Square Off



Knowing we’d be under a tremendous time crunch, I sketched out a game idea the week before. I expected the concept to change a lot, but weirdly the game turned out almost exactly like the sketches!

picture of squareoff notebook

picture of squareoff notebook

Unfortunately, we didn’t think of a way to adapt the game to fit the theme, so we went ahead with the original design. Fortunately, the theme is optional!

End of the second day

Here is what the game looked like after the end the second day

picture of work in progress

Multiplayer is hard

Multiplayer games seem to be pretty rare in game jams, probably due to the added complexity. Creating a multiplayer server is a lot of work, but more importantly, it’s work that the people judging your game can’t see.

picture of squareoff notebook

Luckily for us, Jared (the Server Whisperer) has a way of bending servers to his will. We also relied on a our experience building Zorbio, also a web-based multiplayer game.

Don’t kill yourself

I wouldn’t dream of giving advice after just one Ludum Dare, but I think this tip stands on its own.

Here’s a timeline of our work on the game. It’s pretty tame. No epic all-nighters, just three 10~ hour days of solid work, and a couple of small bugfixes on Tuesday.

punchcard of commits



It was an odd feeling on Monday night when the fog lifted and a new game sat before us. The experience was exhilarating and exhausting. I was simultaneously happy with the game, and really glad it was over. For perhaps the first time, I felt like taking a break from programming for a little while.


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  1. fin_nolimit says:

    This is an awesome thread! I love the hand drawings! I’m headed your way right now!


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