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April 22nd, 2016 9:56 am

This time, I was so busy before the compo that I forgot to post that I was in! Well, so I’m in and I’m going to use Unity for making the game, and that’s pretty much it. Paint.NET if I make any graphics and LMMS if I make any music. Have fun daring!

Now that that’s out of the way, to the post-mortem.

The Good

  • I feel like I made a decent game this time, woo!
  • The “cover art” turned out very well  when compared to my other games.
  • I managed to implement almost everything I had planned, and I implemented those just as planned. Hurrah for no last minute changes!
  • I made minimalistic graphics that I’m happy with, for once.

The Bad

  • Not enough mechanics. I would’ve added pressure plates, a better “visible wires” system and pick up objects. Might’ve become too much like Portal though.
  • Not enough puzzles. This is mostly because there wasn’t enough mechanics, and I’m not creative enough to come up with many puzzles with only levers, doors, and perspectives, apparently.
  • No sound effects :( I even added an option for sound effect volume in the options, and it’s all ready to go, just realized too late that I didn’t have sounds. Oh well, at least I have music.

The Ugly

  • I was very distracted (and sleeping) until saturday afternoon, and I started about 13 hours after the compo started.
  • Too much time not making the game overall. Devtime was probably around 20 hours, if that.
  • The WebGL version was very bad. I could say it’s a problem with the state of browser FPS games overall, or Unity’s export, but I could’ve probably fixed at least some of the bugs.
  • Only one music track, and two versions of that at different tempos. I should try and get better at writing music. For quality and quantity reasons both.

Overall verdict: LD this time was super fun, especially considering that I was kind of thinking of not daring to ludum at the start of saturday. Making a game that I’m happy with too, I guess.

Play my game, Perspective, here! :)

Looks like an album cover from the ’80s ~ My Dad

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