Glyph Morpheus is going to mobile!

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April 22nd, 2016 12:38 pm


Glyph Morpheus — my solo Jam entry for LD 35 — is getting a mobile port!

It turns out a lot of people made “change the shape to get through gates” game, but so far I think it’s the only one that:

  • Has morphing 3D shapes
  • Has screen-warping shaders that bend the world
  • A retro B&W high-tech theme
  • Response has been extremely positive (play for yourself and see!), and I’ve really enjoyed the other “shape gate” games I’ve played for LD35. So with a little bit of work on the UI, some extra features (including lanes), progression, and difficulty tuning, I think it’s going to be a fun mobile title.

    Man. After a long string of bad Ludum Dare entries, it feels so good to have one I can be proud of!

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    1. RoadToSalvation says:

      Actually we do have screen-warping shaders. The morphing 3D shapes is all you (we wanted to get it in but time yknow). We’d opted for the opposite for B&W- that is FULL TECHNICOLOR @_@ Yours is quite nice as there are many of this genre it’s certainly one of the best. Check ours out as well.

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