Will review web games! Send your links

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
April 21st, 2016 2:08 pm

Send your links in the comments!

(Just web games please)

Black heart

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    • luquio says:

      the gameplay and the main idea is great, also has the look kind of origamis and i like a lot that, unfortunatly i cant beat more tan 5 shapes, i need more practice, but ill add it to my favs in the browser so ill keep trying to beat the topscore haha! hope you keep working on this, is an amazing idea of shapeshift

  1. Will Edwards says:

    (You can find web games using the web-only filter in the mosaic stickied on the front page too)

    • luquio says:

      yeah i know, but i want dont want to review games of people that just make a game and never work on it anymore, i look for people with entusiasm like me, that cares what others think and interested in making friend / contacts. Thanx anyway

      • Will Edwards says:

        Fair do’s, good point.

        People do look at the comments in their games. If you comment on a game, people often review your game in return. A few LDs ago I did a lot of stats on that.

        A good way to suck people into reviewing others games and joining in the whole community angle is to talk about other people’s games in your comment on their game. Pick out some aspect – technical or concept – that you particularly like or is unusual, and contrast it to some other person’s game you’ve reviewed.

        • luquio says:

          yeah i think thats the best, but not sure if my english is enough to make a Deep review , im from argentina 😛 … anyway i try to highlight what i like the most of games ive been playing, and im amases of how much potential is in the world to make such creative things in so short time. thanx

  2. andyman404 says:

    Shadow of the Red Hand:

    Secret Cheat Key: Forward slash (/) to skip to the next checkpoint.

    • luquio says:

      amazing how the concept of shapeshift was taken, also the music es super great, at start sounded like muse! 😀 … also thanx for the cheat but i forget to use it! ive been trying to implement cheats to touchdevices as well, thats also a plus 😀

    • luquio says:

      The idea of swappign between shapes that has different masses and physics its really great, and not sure if ive seen it before. But as a suggestion you should start the game with a simpler level and then slowly increase the difficulty! i know that in jam/compo theres no enough time, but the main concept its great and now u should focus on the player experience.

    • luquio says:

      nice use of physics and the shapeshift of the boxes! I would suggest to make the number of shifts availables a Little more visible cuz i discovered it on level 3, maybe should read carefully the description haha

    • luquio says:

      the concept is simple and fun! i would change the shapes to look a Little more like pixel art to fit with the whole art of the game! Im glad that u as many other (me to) keep working on your Project! never stop making games!

  3. Xanjos says:

    Here’s my entry if you fancy trying it (Although I recommend playing the standalone version if you can) :) http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=21201

    • luquio says:

      Ive made almost the same concept of game, so i think is great! at first its a Little difficult to fit the position! maybe could use some array of positions and smooth follow to them ( i did that ) Cheers!

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