Transformagician – Postmortem

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April 21st, 2016 11:32 pm

JUST A GIF! A small one this, tiny!

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or read on.

Many earth shattering revelations await you.
(Hyperbole is the best medicine after a long jam)


LD is usually my solo jam, but this time I didn’t work alone. Ranquil created the graphics (you can read more about that here) and I, of course, programmed the lot. My last team LD was a disaster (my bad on many levels!) so I’m glad this one turned out well, really well in fact.


A few Ludums back I had an idea about shapeshifting. Stealing a top secret prototype from a well guarded research lab, avoiding detection by masquerading as objects in the level. The AI would react believably to anomalies in the world, including walking furniture. A bit too ambitious you could say.

We went though a few other ideas, but settled on cutting the above design down to manageable size: non-human enemies, a set amount of items and clear AI behavior rules.


As a programmer I’m a fan of not reinventing the wheel, i.e reusing code (i.e. being lazy!). The level generation system is from this past LD gem (look who’s saying) and it was originally created for this project. In essence, twice recycled code. What can I say, it works.

Everything else is custom though. Nothing too difficult or out or the ordinary so in the end we even managed to pump out a build at the 48 hour mark. The final 78 hour version includes improved graphics, a fancy ending cinematic and some gameplay balancing.


The lax jam rules allowed us to utilize royalty free sound effects and music. Fortunately Ranquil knew a few (rather interesting) web-zones full of the stuff. Links in the description.

Music really does elevate the mood to new heights, doesn’t it.


None! I don’t believe it myself, but it’s true. Working in a team for 72 hours does help, I guess.



Try it now!

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