Hello :) ! So my game uses a lot of buttons and other UI features. However I’m not such a good artist when I try using a editor the Images sometimes come out too small or to outlined or the words aren’t aligned correctly.  So I’m searching for a program which you can download and create button, banners, icons, logos etc.  All these can be created simply by filping the switches. The closest thing I found to what I was looking for is Kenney Studio. Kenney says he plans to add in the feature but I don’t know how long it will take (https://itch.io/t/17078/a-button-creator).  Of course their are a few online programs but I have no clue where these people are getting their resources and are  they legal or not. So I continue my search, any suggestion ?

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  1. Membrane says:

    You might consider HTML5 game development. You can use all of the text, button, banner, sidebar, etc formatting/alignment tools that websites are built using, then you can pick from many different engines to build the rest of your game with. I used pixi.js for LD34 and I used Phaser (which is built on top of pixi) for LD35.

    Ime, html5 games typically don’t place their in-game buttons OUTSIDE of the canvas that the rest of the gameplay takes place within, but there’s really no reason that you couldn’t do that.

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