This is my fourth time, so I may not be the most experienced guy with LD… But I always noticed that
Did anyone else have a similar experience?

Should I worry if my game is not getting as many comments as last time?

6 Responses to “If people are voting but not commenting, does that mean they don’t like the game?”

  1. LudumAnthony says:

    Your game seems to have more comments than most at the moment, I wouldn’t worry too much (most of them are positive as well).
    Usually whenever a game does something I don’t like, I comment about why it should be changed. The only reason to rate poorly and not comment is if a game doesn’t even follow the theme, or looks like it was made in 5 minutes.

  2. Steven Miller says:

    I also tend to worry when I don’t see a comment, but I’ve rated 111 games and out of the 40 I’ve given 5 stars in overall, I’ve only commented on around five.

  3. josemwarrior says:

    I don’t know cause I always comment. In any case don’t worry about it, you have feedback enough to know that your game is very good. Ludumdare is about fun not about rating.

  4. fin_nolimit says:

    Your GAME ROCKS!!! I was drawn into the STORY right away and you made the controls and “what to do” very easy! Excellent job!!!

  5. Rakowu says:

    I agree with LudumAnthony. you have a lot of comments. that’s good. I’ll try your game but you don’t have to worry about it.

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