Double Army is here for you to play.

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April 21st, 2016 11:38 am

I am , my dear friend , who they call The Yellow Wizard [1].














You see, I were one day in my cave watching NetPhoenix and enjoying my favorite show Game of The Staffs when …





That really bothered me [3]!

So I went out of my cave only to see two armies fighting in my backyard !!


I decided to show them who is The Yellow Wizard 

As I set afoot to use my shape-shifting spell to finish this battle quickly .

Well you might ask how would I do that ?

I tell you I will kill one of the commanders of the two armies and then

well, they will probably fight somewhere else.

brilliant eeh ?


Will what are you waiting for then , move you “curser” and curse this link bellow.

                                                  Play The game here 

                                                             Curse Me




Not because I always wear yellow but because I am actually a wizard who happens to love wearing yellowish robes since no one would call someone “The Yellow” alone unless they have a trait that precedes that and therefore I justified my naming.


The Developer usually draws well but The Yellow Wizard happens to be less than good looking 😛


As I don’t have headphones you see.


This footnote will soon be garbage-collected!


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