Post Mortem: Aeons Rest, the programmers view

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April 20th, 2016 1:50 pm

Hi all,

I’m one of the programmers of Team Fumiko and would like to speak about our game.

What it is:

When we heard about the theme, at least me wasn’t that happy, but we soon came up with two concepts matching the theme. The first one was about a wizzard who shifts the faces of others on requests by others and it would have been your duty to choose between different shapes of heads, ears and so on … the other one was Aeons Rest.

Aeons Rest is an action game with 3D isometric camera. You play as a hero who has to fight through multiple trials to proove he is worthy this title. You are placed on a magic shrine on a floating isle and the first thing you see are other floating landmasses that drift towards you until they crush into your start. Then the trial begins and fearsome enemies change into existance ready to fight you.

The game is designed around the theme of a shapeshifting level, which we focussed on primarly to get right.


What went right:

We had two modellers and one animator who were producing some really highquality low poly meshes and animated them, therefore we had a multitude of really goodlooking assets for worldgeneration.

The world generation and transitions between each trial came out very nice in the end, which took me some time to accomplish, although.

We hadn’t found any really gamebreaking bug right now, which for the timepressure is a really good outcome, i think.

We finished the game in time and had a lot of fun.

We got some really awesome feedback from the comments.


What needs improvement:

We used most of our time on the world generation and forgot about the gameplay a little bit, so the generation looks awesome, but the fighting and jumping could need some improvement.

For next time we will try to get an additional programmer, so we can get more polish and features in our next game.

Some of the assets didnt made it into the game because we hadnt enough time adding them to the game.

Next time I would like to start with a bigger codebase, so i dont need to programm basic systems like a thirdperson character controller again.

We used Unity Cloth simulation on our enemies which lead to big lags on the webGL version, so it had to be disabled on it.



In the end I’m very happy about what we achieved together and am looking forward to the next Ludum Dare we can enter together.

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