Behold our little game: Lich

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April 20th, 2016 4:15 am



Hi, this is Manu Saiz, representing our team:


Camilla Nara: 2D Art/animation.

Kilian Calo: Code (1st jam survived!).

Manu: Music/UI/Design/Production.


We made a free interpretation of  the shapeshifting theme, basing on the change of shape, body, and even a changing of sides in a conflict.

Our Game takes place in a medieval city, where the King has become mad, and claimed the wealth of the cleric district for himself as “the only god among men should be the king” – he says.

The insane monarch forced his loyal musketeers to raid and loot the cleric district, anihilating all the poor servants of god in the process.

You are one of the few survivors of the monastery, but you are on the edge of life and death. With your last breath, you manage to open a secret keep in the deep depths of the monastery, and handle the Forbidden Grimmory of The Lich.

The curse tainted your heart as you pronounce the unspeakable words, your flesh tears by invisible threads, and your whole body cries in terrible pain for hours. But when the pain is over… It is Over forever.

Your face is white as a skull, light as an empty cocoon, only capable of a single thought: Exterminate the King and all his minions with guns.

(Our original intention was including this as a shirt animatic but run out of time. Also Game needs polish)

We know the game needs balancing. Hope you can have a good time! Show us your big armies!



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