Vikoz post mortem

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April 19th, 2016 2:20 am

So, here goes my first Ludum Dare entry post mortem. I went for jam since the start, and to be fair I’m proud on myself finishing something in the given time scale. How it all began? I’ve waited off for theme announcement (which was 3AM here in Europe), and as I was quite tired after the work I went straight to bed right after. So, Saturday morning (technically almost 12AM), I’ve started coding up very first version of the game, coding movement, selection of minions, building selection and UI. The whole game core was created during the Saturday.

Sunday was a bit slower for me, I worked mainly on art – creating up buildings and units, and as I’m not really an artist, it took me huge amount of time – I’ve just spent evening on the menu. Monday, the first work-day of the week. I spent most of it in work unrelated to any game development, but in the end I’ve put up the ‘High Score’ logic and attached music and sounds to whole game.

In the end, well you can check out some gameplay video at: YouTube. Although you might as well prefer to Try It yourself.

For me, it is definitely a success. I wanted to participate in Ludum Dare few times already, yet I’ve never had enough courage to do so. And here we are, I have finished something – there were quite awesome ideas during the streaming on Twitch and talk on TeamSpeak (where I have a point for next time – do that in open community, not closed one -> more people can watch it & talk during it!) which could improve the actual gameplay, most of them didn’t make it through due to time scale.

Anyways for me it is time to give some attention to my girlfriend, as I’ve put her aside for the weekend!

Thanks everyone for support, participation and playing games!

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  1. Matzigon says:

    The first time is the hardest. Glad you did it! :)

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