Pheewww, Ludum Dare is over.

It has been a ride, for neither of us was the first jam, but sure it was the hardest. Now having recovered some sleep we would like to chat a bit about how this whole ordeal went.

The good


From the beginning we decided to learn Godot for this Jam, and it was nice. It was a different paradigm to what we were used to (Unity), but after struggling for the first day and a half the rest was much quicker than what we expected.

We made a game! Maybe not out best entry ever, but we covered pretty much all the mechanics we wanted to have.


The bad


Godot HTML5 export failed us at the last minute, we had in mind since the beginning embedding it on the web, but unfortunately Godot input fails a lot on HTML5, and seems like something that won’t be fixed soon.

We lacked polish and failed on making the game intuitive, but having a team size so reduced (We used to be 5+ people and this time we were only 2), having participating in a few game jams you tend to notice the pattern: The most polished and shiny games tend to get the most attention.


The ugly


We tried to have a complex dialog system, buut it turns out ou can export arrays/Dictionaries to the editor, well sometimes you have to hardcode and write some hacky code, that’s the way things are.


Anyway, that’s enough for now, in balance it has been an amazing learning experience and we had so much fun doing it, we will be back on the next Ludum Dare (Please I hope the theme is One Giant Enemy, got so much ideas)

Bye !

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