Can I add hurt script to Boss now?

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April 19th, 2016 2:08 am

One of comments says he feels confused when it comes to the final level, because he cannot hurt the Boss.

In fact, that game ends only when hero die in the final fight, but I realize I should add a hurt script(which I have added to other monsters) to Boss.  Then player can try to kill it, and trigger the ending.

But I don’t know is that possible as the rules says to fix bug but no new features?

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  1. RaysAndLazors says:

    Some people add a “post-ludum” build with further bugfixing and sometimes minor features. It should be ok, as long as you don’t remove the original build from the links and explicitly state that the new one was made past the time limit.

  2. cynicalmonkey says:

    you can always add the change in the script, upload to a different location and put a note & link in your games description as a post Jam version with patch notes

  3. lightsoda says:

    Eh, personally I would allow this as a bugfix.

  4. wg_phancock says:

    I would say it qualifies as a bugfix as well. It’s an oversight of something that you thought was in the original build — therefore a bug.

    It’s all honor system here, anyway. Do what you feel is in the spirit of the rules.

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