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April 18th, 2016 4:32 pm
It’s a while I’m doing game jams, 3 years of Compo solo and Jam in team, and I really enjoy doing them and each time getting out with plenty of fulfillment.
This time I was solo, I haven’t more that two days so I did the Compo. I wasn’t inspired that much by the theme and did a platformer. I saw later that 2 person (at least) has the same idea as mine.
So here is what I learned from that session, most of the things are very personal and subjective:
  • Having a solid gameplay is important.
    • The cube is 100% controlled by the player and reacts to the environment (fall squeezes your shape).
    • Movements are strongly physics based, this makes jumps a bit hazardous but handles pretty much every movement.
    • Gif ingame bounce
  • Diversity and sense of progression in levels.
    • I feel the need to put checkpoints in the second level where you tend to die sometimes.
  • Sounds are important, I started to make them too late.
    • I code with music loud in my ears, this helps focus when you code but I completely forgot to make music and sounds.
    • Changing music you listen while coding/art. Having dubstep all along can be stressful, alterning with calmer sounds (like the Wii Mii Channel Music , or Window Gazing by Ivor Slaney <3) can makes you serene.
  • Finish one hour earlier before the submission hour is way more convenient.
    • You can test your own game after publishing it.
    • You can still fix gameplay issues before users report them.
    • You can fix a few compatibility issues given by some early testers.
    • You can sleep so you’re not tired for work the next day.
  • Attach importance into details.
    • Subtle animations makes your game feel real.
    • Particles and trails can accentuate your animations.
    • Gif ingame particles
  • Use gimmicks in gameplay that holds attention, things that aren’t expected to happen (the second delayed button broke the door), objects ingame you pushed away that comes indispensable.
  • Having physics to play with adds more engagement.
  • Gif ingame gimmicks
  • Take care of self to be more productive.
    • Get up, eat and go to sleep at reasonable hours.
    • Prepare great meals, des bons plats français!
    • Take big breaths of fresh air, I’m lucky to have a wide window next to my desk, but you can just go outside for just 1 or two minutes (just the time for a smoke :) ).

That’s also the first time I made a Post Compo version. I looked at how my friends played the game and fixed some little gameplay elements.

That’s also the first time I put a licence on my game: CC0, which means this game is in public domain. This makes my game totally free and prevents other people from making profit on it. You can find the Unity project on Github.

Now you’ve read so far, thank you. You should check my game with the link bellow and enjoy playing it.


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