Shifting Paths

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April 18th, 2016 5:38 pm

This was not meant to be a game… The theme „Shapeshift” brought back my old (very old…) idea to make a simulation based on (also very old) cellular automaton “Life”. My modification is simple: three types of cells, and a little bit different rules of cell multiplication and cell transformation. When I made the first working prototype of a “3Life” simulation – with simple shapes (triangle, circle and square) – I had noticed that for me it was not enough.


So, I added simple gameplay – the goal is to traverse the whole 20×20 “live” board, from top left to bottom right corner. The board is in continuous evolution (one change per second), but the player neighbourhood (in a radius of 3 fields) becomes stable. Use WSAD keys to move the traveler – but watch out his step. Do not fall in a deep water (empty blue field) because it’s a permadeath game. You may also (accidentally) stay blocked on an “island”. But there is a button “new game” above the board…


This simple game-simulation was written in javascript, using knockout.js MVVM framework (my first time “boxing” with KO).


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