Good morning all,

Now that I am well rested, now begins the process of playing everyone’s great games!

In this post-Unity WebPlayer era, I am seeing a lot more Windows builds of Unity games than in past LD’s I participated in.  Here are a couple of quick tips to help streamline the judges’ download process based on the downloads I’ve seen so far:

  1. Strip out the .pdb files.  These are debug information, and are not needed for your game to work properly.  They inflate download sizes a LOT. (one example I downloaded had 80MB of actual game, and 130MB of .pdb debug info)
  2. Use .zip files.  Every modern Windows machine can decompress a zip file.  Not everyone has handlers installed for .rar, .7z, etc., especially on fresh gaming rigs.
  3. The less clicks needed to download the better.  Direct deep links to your .zip file are best.

Happy judging and good luck to jammers who have yet to submit!

5 Responses to “PSA: A couple quick distribution tips for people that use Unity”

  1. JesseyCool says:

    I never knew what .pdb files where good for. But you dont need them. Good to know.

  2. mutonizer says:

    Damn, good call on the .pdb!
    Was so tired when I uploaded that I left them in and didn’t even think about it afterwards. Down to 9MB from 40MB, much more reasonable.

  3. The Salt says:

    Thank you!

  4. Cerno_b says:

    I second the zip file part, not only for unity but all frameworks.

    The client will not install your game if it is a rar (should you want to deploy via that platform)

  5. Myko says:

    And when zipping up the source code, leave out the Temp, obj and Library folders.

    Leaving out the Library folder requires setting your meta files to “Visible Meta Files” and serialization to “Force Text”. These settings can be found under Project Settings -> Editor

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