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April 18th, 2016 1:49 pm

My god that was a fun weekend!

So I decided to use Construct 2. It’s been sitting on my PC unused for a while now after buying it on special offer/a whim. After a solid weekend’s Jam, I’m really impressed with it’s speed, stability, simplicity and power. The event system is pretty damned good once you understand a few concepts and workflows. I found that I settled into a zen-like state of being, adding new events to get what I wanted, working! (always nice!).

I never actually got around to actually replacing my awful placeholder art. I decided that it was much more fun to try and turn it from a simple shooter to a damned MOBA/RTS. I was very happy with how quick it was to crank out the placeholder artwork from within Construct’s editor. Some quick paint dabs, some fills and some collision editing and Bob’s your uncle!

SFXR was solid and dependable. Very quick to generate ALL of my sound effects. Thanks again Ludum Dare community! 😀 must have been 3 minutes from registration to actually saving my game’s page with everything I needed uploaded. Bloody amazing!

Design-wise, I started out with the idea of an advanced combat drone that could transform into:

  • A slow, heavy Tank
  • A fast, weak Jeep
  • A manoeuvrable Helicopter
  • A super speedy Jet
  • A sneaky submarine
  • A McBoatyMcBoatface

That quickly boiled down into the Tank/Plane combo which you’ll find in the game. Some brutal scoping nice and early, saved me from giving up halfway through Saturday afternoon!

A couple of things that could naturally evolve as next steps:

  • Better Ai for the Plane units
  • An Ai drone Tank/Plane
  • Splitscreen multiplayer
  • Upgradable abilities and powers
  • More unit types
  • A dynamic and evolving city environment

Anyhow, a great Ludum Dare! Really enjoyed it!

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