Never do physics

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April 18th, 2016 5:18 am

If you try to make a game that uses a lot of physics in 48-72 hours, nothing good will come out of it.

Everything is broken.

We’re still trying to do something, to be able to enter something.

The game is broken.

Lots of things still missing.

We have lots of arts, lots of levels designed on paper, everything is decided.

We just need the physics to work.

And they don’t. They just don’t work. So we can’t add in the things we’ve already designed, drawn and animated.

Who designed the Triggers system in Unity? Why can’t a GameObject have multiple triggers that are a bit independent?

Argh. I love programming, I love making games, but I despise physics.

I mean, not even AAA studios get them right. Once you introduce physics in your game, it gets broken. Nothing you can do about it.

Next time, we’re definitely not doing physics. Not if we want to get something done in 3 days.

And to think we could have a good game if it weren’t for the physics.

Rant done. We need some sleep, we need a game that works. We need physics that work. Oh well, let’s see if we can finish something.

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  1. Saladon says:

    The best way to combat this problem is you need to experiment before each Ludum Dare. If you feel you want to do something with physics in it, then play around with it in Unity beforehand.

    Going into a 48 hour game jam without having experimented with the systems you will use, will end off badly.

  2. CustomPhase says:

    Highly disagree with you.
    Physics games are the easiest to make, and offer a lot of control to the user. Also, due to the inconsistent behavior of the physics, it tends to lead to a lot of cool replayability features.
    And about independent triggers – its seems to me that youre just inexperienced with physics system in unity. For every trigger make a child object with a trigger, create a script that would route all the necessary triger events yo the main trigger script and everything will be fine.

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