Made in less than 24h

April 18th, 2016 9:17 am

Hi everyone,
Endless Runner is a puzzle game I made for this LD.
Most of the games I usually end up making are very narrative/symbolic and not much fun. This one is a bit symbolic too I think, it could work as a narrative exploration if you see it that way, but nonetheless it’s very different from everything I’ve done non-commercially so far. I wanted to make something different for this LD, so I challenged myself to make something fun first.
It was my main focus, and I’m really proud of myself for pulling it off. Most people seem to really have fun while playing the game.
However, the thing I’m most proud of, it that I’ve beaten my last record. I spent less of a day making Endless Runner.
One year ago, this game would have taken me a whole week to make.
Go check it out if you want, I’d appreciate some feedback :)
Thanks, and good luck to all the jammers still finishing up their games 😉

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