Keyboard Ghosting Issues

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April 18th, 2016 11:03 am

Despite my best efforts, my entry Shifty’s Shape Escape has presented issues for people using non-English keyboard layouts and keyboards on which certain combinations of simultaneous keypresses don’t register due to ghosting.

SeeĀ for more information on this.

As a result I changed the controls from “Q”, “W”, “A” and “S” to “Q”, “P”, “A” and “;”, which has at least enabled people using Macs to play the game, but has had the side effect of rendering the controls difficult or broken for those on non-English keyboards.


Obviously a way to solve this with more development would be to support keyboard remapping within the game, but that luxury wouldn’t be considered a bugfix. I’m interested to hear thoughts from anyone else who has tried implementing keyboard controls where more than three keys can be pressed simultaneously, and if there’s any configuration which would work universally for my game. Note the controls need to represent four diagonal corners, so arrow keys or WASD wouldn’t solve the problem and likely would suffer from ghosting issues anyway.

Let me hear your thoughts on the issue, and your experiences with the controls in my game!

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  1. TerraCottaFrog says:

    Keyboard remapping should be counted as a bugfix.
    It allows accessibility of the game, which is the intention of allowing bugfixes.
    I changed the controls of my game to allow options for people with foreign keyboards as a bug-fix.
    Just note that you did that clearly in game and in the description.

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