I’m Out!

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April 18th, 2016 7:21 am

Well I had Unity an existing RTS framework and lots of previous LD experience, what could go wrong?

A health issue, yep my body decided to do it’s own thing.  Nothing major but it does make it harder to focus when you may have to dash off to the loo.

I know I should have dusted off the laptop and just setup a desk in the bathroom.

I real should have practiced even with my own framework, it is a previous LD entry so it’s not as easy to work with as I thought it was.

So by day 2 I had at least an improved health situation, but very little made for what could be an RTS game with Shapeshifting.

Managed to find a really odd bug in Unity, that stopped the UI from working.

So threw in the towel.

Disappointed but relieved.

Have Fun

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  1. GGAlliance says:

    Better Luck next time, Man! Make sure to rest up a bit.

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