ld35: Robot Hockey

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April 18th, 2016 2:12 am

I had a few ideas to start, one of which I knew was impossible but I had the door open anyway.  I wanted to try multiplayer with the new lobby stuff Unity provides, but that didn’t happen (yet?)

But with that PvP idea I decided to make a hero-based real time strategy game crossed with sports!  I love the abilities from WarCraft 3 and I wanted to have the three heroes mirror the ones from NES hockey, fat, thin, medium.  Each with abilities on Q W E.  Also taking a page out of DotA I went with explosive towers to kill instead of a net to score in.

I took the RTS idea and decided to make a fully 3D interface, including cursors and arrows modeled in 3D.   I dont think it worked out that great, but it was fun to try.  In general my clicking and camera and dragging was okay, but i expect some people to have some challenges because it isn’t exactly the same as the other games people play.


It was a pretty successful project even though I fought a bit with plugins from Unity and from external (Vectrosity).  The deferred shading anti alias camera effects was fun to play with, but often failed and I had to spend a lot of time tuning a pile of settings.   I wish I could have applied a more interesting skybox and tonemap color treatment, but I should learn more about it up front instead of learning about it in the LD.

I also got a bit better at blender, especially modelling.   The UV wrapping was a bit puzzling, it seems easy but it didn’t come out right so I should watch a video.



Lastly, deferred and forward rendering sometimes broke? So I made two builds and got them both working eventually.  I am glad they have improved the WebGL support

Ludum Dare page

http://sheridanthirsk.com/robothockey/ vs http://sheridanthirsk.com/robothockey/forward/




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