End of Day 3

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April 18th, 2016 12:54 am

In my last post, I discussed that made some serious advancements in our game. Today we (@shakesoda and @LandonManning) have most of the “game” done!

We improved our path finding so that the enemy now follows the player around. We had a bug where you could sneak out of the enemy’s sights and glitch it out, but we fixed that. Enemies now aggro you if you are within pathing range, and it actually attacks you if it’s close enough! We’ve decided on our enemies… Tigers! The reason for the tigers is because when I was writing the story/script, I started adding forest/tree puns. And let me tell you, Taiga Forest is a great pun!

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As I mentioned, I wrote up the script (which has been translated to German and French and a special language for NG+) and we had our good friend Nadja voice our main character. This time around, I added my own voice to the mix for the grandpa and the tiger. I also created a crunching sound by obnoxiously eating a bag of Crispers, then speeding it up and pitch shifting it down. It sounds… okay. shakesoda made a walking sound effect by flapping his wallet in front of his mic. It wasn’t meant to be a permanent sound, but we may be running out of time on that front. We have most of the sound effects implemented now, with a few timing tweaks coming tomorrow.

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More models and animations were added today, most of which are temporary. As I write this, shakesoda is tidying them all up so that when I wake up tomorrow, the game should be much prettier. But as it stands, we have an idle, attack, and run animation for all three of our “forms”. The first form is the ATK Form, where you wield a katana. The second form is the SPD Form, where you wield a bow… made out of katanas. It actually looks decent. The final form is the DEF Form where you wield a dagger (a short katana) and a shield… made out of bows… made out of katanas. It looks silly and will be updated tonight, but for now, it works!

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We noticed that the game was kind of slow, we figured it was because we had lots of objects being drawn. We fixed this by culling all objects that are not within a certain radius of the character. Simple and effective.

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Tomorrow is the final day! shakesoda plans to work through the night to add a lot of polish to the game such as menus, nicer models and animations, a user interface, etc. With the polish done, the last major step is to get enemy spawn points working, and have the final cut scene work, and add in our New Game+ mode.

If you want to check out our dev progress, you can catch us on Twitch tomorrow for the final countdown!

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