Finally it comes to an end, and similarly to a lot of my developer peers, I had to throw in the towel. I originally planned to opt-out sounds as I lack a good chiptune backtrack and there were no sound effects. In the end, I opting out the hole game with the concept.

My experience

The plan was simple and pretty straightforward, then life came and steal my precious time, then I let time flow out of my hands. Despite my efforts, I enjoyed this competition a lot. My motto is unchanged, I will stay with this: When I fail, I learn a lot. When I succeed, I inspire myself.

Earlier I and my teammates had some successful try, but this time I left alone, so I wanted to participate in Compo. This was the first time, and decided to use JavaScript. It was a solid start, then I started to innovate. New ways and game-style strange for me, fresh game concept to try myself out and come up with something original.

Why am I failed?

If I am not fond of my known ways, I will lose time by creating a new concept, implementation of new ideas will make me, to think more than work on it and if I don’t have enough experience to realize a plan, I will fail miserably.

To start something new, I should end something old and use the time to learn and practice. This way I will prepare myself to participate next time with or without a team. To take a chance with this concept, I will examine the possibility, to create this game and give an article for it somewhere on Ludum Dare.

The concept

Initially I though some basic concept then started to think about creatures, that are able to transform themselves both physically and mentally. When the creature in a mentally transformed state, it will leave its body (the shell) and create a spiritual form. They can have some body changes similar to modern cybernetic prosthetics that helps them to physical transformation. There is a building in a fictional, Asian desert, that was created by weather anomalies that created the desert and started to reveal an unknown building. Their language is ‘simbols’, that is an alien alphabet, and your task as an archaeologist to decipher and translate the notes and carvings to advance in their building and learn more about them and the origins of humanity. I planned to have a helper as another archaeologist or you are just using a computer interface to control a robot and find the puzzles. To make this job harder, the ‘simbols’ will rotate and change the meaning to make the job of ‘code breaker’ harder.

The realization

With a modern interface I created an alphabet with 40 element. There is a short intro and intermission texts, and only one level was developed. This level is not finished as the ‘simbols’ are not animated as I originally planned and there were no easy way to input the player guesses. I though about a hangman style input below each symbols, or have a great table with symbols and you should guess there. Eventually I started to implement a point and click method to choose one ‘simbol’ from the table and guess by typing on the keyboard.


LycanthCoding-Intermediate Text
LycanthCoding-Final Notes

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