Are you interested who is this lady? She’s the protagonist of…

My LD#35 contribution: The Amazon and the Cybergod!

Sadly, it was quite a fail, because setting up my tools was much tougher that I expected, and despite I couldn’t finish a proper game, but I learnt a lot.

About valuing success.

About debugging.

About versioning.

About webdev.

And in general, about project management.

So check if out – at the very least, for her!

4 Responses to “THE AMAZON AND THE CYBERGOD: A disgusting learning curve.”

  1. devintristan says:

    Learning can never be disgusting, believe me. Learning something new every day is incredible especially when you are young. I was able to use a word counter at https://edubirdie.com/word-counter only because I was learning and stopped being lazy about it. This is the only way to achieve something in life.

  2. suzainlian says:

    Project management is a start-to-finish approach to getting things done and making projects more successful. It’s a profession, but it’s also a set of techniques http://www.wewriteessay.co.uk/

  3. henryjones147 says:

    That’s really happened with once also.. But after that, it wasn’t get that much serious.

  4. danieljames says:

    Today almost all of us are amazed by his leadership in the different businesses in which he is immersed, impressed by his speed of continuous growth, envious of the size he has acquired and intimidated with his impact on our companies.


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