Run, Gamer, Run! End of day 2: A working albeit iffy game

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April 17th, 2016 7:17 pm

So, end of day 2!  We have a basically working game.  A few more hours tomorrow evening then fin!

Today, much faffing about, lots more drawing, developing and some tuning.

Rupert had a rather short day — Sunday is swimming day for his boys so he only had from 10am to 1pm and 9pm to midnight = 6 hours.  The first 2 hours were lost to the Spriter-Unity import oddities that ended up in XML files revealing missing key-frames.  (Still, at least Spriter has a user-readable file-format otherwise this might have been much harder to diagnose!)

After the thin-man draft imported OK, he managed to redraw most of the fat character for proper animation — including using Krita’s vector graphics facility for some parts!  (can you tell which — when I decided to try it?)  This version benefited from all of yesterday and this morning’s learning about what works best for animated characters.  Whether it’s a lesson that’s stuck, we’ll only tell tomorrow when it’s brought across into Spriter!
A nicer fat stereotype

Rupert realized he probably should have done the whole drawing in vector form.  The only reason he decided not to was a desire to practise ‘real’ art (as opposed to technical drawing which vector art always feels more like).  As such, most of the art was sketched with a Wacom Intuos and Krita.

Rupert also decided to be naughty and code-up a little bit of the game that he hadn’t explained well enough to Carl — the fat character should huff to a stop, animate a wind-up, flail through the air and recover on landing — a bit like a really flabby Hulk jump!  Coroutines to the rescue :)

Meanwhile, Carl wrote more of the game, learnt about Unity Cloud Build and ported to Android!  That “more of the game” summary includes doing menus including GUI, diagnosing gnarly multi-collider bugs, drawing place-holder art (which might become permanent if we run out of time tomorrow evening!) and making some parallax effects for the runner.

With our 3-ish hours tomorrow, Rupert plans to finish the fat-man, chop him up for Spriter, re-animate, import into Unity.  It’s unlikely Rupert will manage to draw a final version of thin-man so that side might need cutting — a great shame given it’s cost about 6 hours already but that’s jamming, eh!  If there’s spare time, Carl made Rupert promise to re-draw some of his fine place-holder art.  (Whaddya think, Internet?  Shall we keep his stuff? 😉 )

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