Im done, ‘Infinite Vertices’ is Released

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April 17th, 2016 4:55 pm

Okay a few comments to preface this: This is my first Ludum Dare entry, and I did not use a pre-existing engine such as unity, So my game is quite unstable. If the game wont run for you, End me a comment and I will try fix it. But it is likely because you do not have the Microsoft visual C++ framework installed.



Download the game for windows here:




(I could not figure out how to compile it for other platforms, sorry)


What is it?

Infinite Vertices is a short story drvien, minimalist platformer. Menat only to take 2 minutes to finnish. The main interesting mechanic is the every time the player jumps, he will loose a vertex. For example if you wwere a pentogon, and you jump, you would then be a square. Though once the player becomes a triangle, he cannot jump, because if he does he ill be squished into a line



The game is a love story. The player has lost hit lover and must overcome any obstical to find her. The game leaves you doubting the whole time. Askng yourself questions like: “Is she even there?”, “Is it worth it?”.



This is the main menu (Exciting huh)



































Oh P.S. I am 14 as of making this game.

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